Filling Malibu Tubes

Here is a quick way to manually fill Malibu tubes. Buy a cheap cake decorating tool. Throw away the small bag that came with the set. Instead use a ziplock plastic bag. A 12"x15" size works good. Cut off one corner of the bag (about 1/2"). Reach inside the bag with the threaded holder (the light brown piece in the photo) and one of the nozzles. Press the holder and nozzle through the hole that you cut. The plastic bag should remain on the nozzle. Use the threaded cap to hold the nozzle. Fill the bag about 3/4 full. A 12" x 15" bag will hold a little over a gallon of liquid, but you will want to fill the bag less until you get the hang of it.

The correct size of nozzle to use will depend on the thickness of your liquid. Most cake decorating nozzles have 'fingers' at the tip to add texture to the icing; you may want to use a sharp knife can remove these.

Cake decorating tools are available in most kitchen supply stores. The nicer decorating tools have metal tips. The cheap plastic tips are nice because you can use a knife to change the size of the opening if needed. The ones we have are a cheap quality, but they are adequate. We also have inexpensive 12" x 15" ziplock bags for sale. You can find both items on the order form.