Labels For Malibu Tubes

These Malibu tubes are easy to hand label. I am sure you can machine apply labels, but I do not have any first hand experience with this.

What type of label you use is up to you, of course, but here is what we do for our Stitchers Lotion.

We get our labels from These are digital labels. The big advantage of digital labels is that you can easily mix text. So if you have a line of several colors or scents, you can use the same label size and mix the text to get a cheaper price.

For the 2 oz tube we use a 1.5" x 2" round cornered rectangle clear label with a gloss laminate. Since the tube is white, we do not need to print white behind the label.

We use one label on the front (shown), and a second label of the same size on the back with instructions and ingredients. For the 4 oz tube we use 1.75" x 2.75" labels.